High Temperature Package Dyeing Machine


Minimum space requirements due to special pump design

Versatile application (bobbins, muffs, bumps, hank yarn, rope, loose fibers etc.)


From 28~9130 kg/batch


For the pre-treatment, dyeing and after treatment of packages, bobbins, loose fibre, hank yarn, beams, muffs, tops, tapes, etc.

General Description and Main Features

ALLWIN dyeing machine is designed for the process of yarns on cones, tubes, or in hank form or beam. Loose fibre is processed by the use of a basket or can. The machine can adapt packages in cones or tubes as well as yarn wound on beams when requirement is informed in advance. An almost consistent low liquor ratio is maintained throughout the process for the same type of material being processed. 

The machine is available in either air-pad or fully flood version suitable for different process application. ILC Intelligent Leveling Control function enhances shade levelness throughout the package.  AIR+ and high temperature drain function allow shorter process time and reduce consumption of cooling water and energy.


  • Compactness: space occupied by the machine reduced by approx. 25% compared with conventional machines
  • Energy efficient by special flow design
  • Simplified multi-function operations
  • ILC Intelligent Leveling control function
  • AIR+ Advanced Intelligent Rinsing System
  • Frequency inverter controlled circulation pump
  • Shorter process time by more bath turn over
  • Unique ILC technique enhances levelness
  • Extreme low liquor ratio at 1:4 possible
  • Water consumption is as low as 34 L/kg for medium to dark shade           

Product Information