High Temperature Fabric Beam Dyeing Machine


Type of Fibres
Polyester, microfibres, polyamide (nylon) etc.

Type of Fabrics
Woven material for decoration, warp knitted goods etc.

48~1000kg per beam

For the pre-treatment, dyeing and after treatment of fabric winded on beams

General Description and Main Features
The CBS dyeing machine has a flow reversal device for dual flow process. Most material can be successfully processed with inside out flow. The flow reversal device provides the dual flow function to satisfy those materials that require both inside out and outside in flow characteristic. Different kinds of material can be processed; such as warp knitted goods and woven fabrics for decoration etc. A horizontal kier design facilitates loading and unloading operation. The beam is available with a liquid stop ring for reduced loading.


  • Various standard kier sizes are available. Other sizes upon request
  • Beam with liquid stop ring for reduced loading operation
  • Fuzzy logic for accurate temperature control
  • Automatic flow control is selectable
  • Max. fabric width:2800 mm
  • Liquor ratio 1:10

Product Information