Multi Rope Soft Dyeing Machine (high temperature dyeing)


Type of Fibres
Cotton, cotton/man-made fibre blends, man-made fibres, etc.

Type of Fabrics
Woven and knitted, from medium light to heavy weight fabrics

Type D: various tube capacity available, 200 - 550 kg/tube for fabric weight 200 - 700 g/m
Type T: various tube capacity available, 200 - 400 kg/tube for fabric weight 100 - 350 g/m
Type ST: various tube capacity available, 80 - 200 kg/tube for fabric weight 200 - 700 g/m
Up to 4400kg/batch

ECO-8-D machine is a general application machine for textile goods such as jersey, double knits, fleece etc.
ECO-8-T machine is designed for medium lightweight textile goods such as body size material, narrow tubular single jersey etc.

General Description and Main Features
The ECO-8 Series dyeing machine is an »L« shape machine. The treatment of the fabric is smooth by the incorporation of the unfurling conveyance tube and the PTFE sliding bottom. The movement of the fabric from the rear end to the front of the machine is excellent due to the successful application of the non-sticking PTFE surface. The EOC-8 series is available in two types, covering from textile material from light weight such as body size material to heavy material such as fleece. If the machine is fully loaded, the liquor ratio of the ECO-8-D is as low as 1:6, allowing a water of consumption of approx. 38 l/kg. The incorporation of SUPER functions into the machine reduces the dyeing cycle time down to 298 minutes. The performance of the SUPER machine allows large savings in chemicals, water, and energy.


  • Liquor ratio as low as 1:6
  • Machine speed: 300 m/min
  • Dyeing time is reduced to 298 minutes
  • Water consumption is as low as 38 l/kg
  • Saving of fresh water
  • Saving of energy
  • More environmentally friendly

Product Information