ITMA 2023 in Milan created a positive mood at Fong's Europe.

The topic of this year's exhibition was "Transforming the World of Textiles".
For any industry, especially in the textile sector, the issue of environmental protection and resource conservation is very important. For Fong's Europe, this means to continue and further expand the development of resource-saving machines and consider new aspects as recyclable materials. 


How can Fong's Europe complete range of Dyeing and Finishing Machines contribute to the transformation of the Textile Industry?


For our new products

  • FONG'S Aimwin,
  • GOLLER Oxidator,
  • THEN Smartflow TSF,
  • XORELLA Solid und Automation,

that we showcased at the exhibition, there were interested parties from the very first day. Throughout the fair, we had the pleasure of meeting an unexpectedly large number of visitors from a wide range of countries.

On Sunday evening, 11 June, the presentation of certificates took place for our agency Al Ameen from Pakistan, who celebrated their 75th anniversary and have now been working with our Goller brand for 66 years.

Looking back, ITMA was very successful for us and we are already looking forward to ITMA 2027 in Hannover with new innovations.